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Career Coaching & Job Search Support

Our Mission:To provide pro-active
career coaching, documentation, and
job search support for senior executives looking to secure their next career position. Meridian has successfully provided career support for more than twenty years. We look forward to providing a range of career development elements designed to fit your specific career needs.
No one can guarantee securing you a new career position.
Our twenty years of career coaching provides us the confidence to:
Provide an 80% Confidence of securing a New Position:
This is an easy commitment for us to make.
In our history of career coaching our success rate in
supporting candidates in finding a new position is over 80%.
Take a look at our Career Support Programs, Job Search Resources,
Success Stories, & Multistage Process to see how we work and what we have accomplished for senior executives in securing a new position. 

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Meridian Executive Resources
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