Meridian Executive Resources - Coaching Support for Securing a new Position
You Are ...
  • A senior executive with a successful career History
  • Your Current role is not meeting your career goals
  • You decide a new opportunity is the right next step
  • So what do you need to DO to make it happen?
The Answer is...
  • Understand: your strongest Skills & Capabilities
  • Define: position(s) that are the right career move
  • Develop: Career Documents that tell your story
  • Research: Companies, Contacts, Opportunities
  • Outreach: to build Viability, Contacts, & Network
  • Assure: you are selected for the Interview
  • Partner: with a coach that meets your needs

Our Mission:To provide Pro-active Career Coaching, Portfolio Documentation, and Job Search in securing a new position. Meridian has successfully provided career support for more than twenty years.
We look forward to supporting your specific career goals.
Our Commitment: No one can guarantee to secure you a new career position. Our twenty years of career coaching provides:
  • Confidence in our commitment to meet your career goals
  • Our history has a success rate of over 80% in meeting career goals
  • Take a look our website & programs on what our coaching provide
  • Our Multistage Process includes the following services: Career Support, Search Resources, Interview skills, & Securing a Position

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Meridian Executive Resources   Cell: 415-860-3063

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